Damian Rataj

Hello, it has been a pleasure to work with Marcin for nearly 6 years. Why haven’t I changed my coach over that time? Because he is the best! 🙂 Training became my passion, I have achieved my little goals and dreams because of him. I can recommend his services with a clear conscience. Marcin is a professional, honest and helpful person. He loves what he does which makes him extremely involved in his work. I can also assure you that his long time experience, individual approach to the client and willingness to help the other people will make you satisfied with the results achieved.

Zaneta Liszowska

Hi, I’ve been working with Marcin Pulik for six months already. I’m very happy with our work results. I know that I still have to work hard to be able to reach my goal but with Marcin it seems to be so much easier to achieve it. He is a professional trainer with years of experience who loves what he’s doing and shows deep commitment to his work. He is distinguished by an individual approach to each client. He’s the best personal trainer:)

Francisca Ostrovski

I have been working with Marcin for a year now. Started from the basics I have achieved incredible success by taking first place and British Finals qualifications at the local fitness competition. I am currently in top ten from all women over the UK in bikini fitness category. I have achieved my dream body shape and what is the most important I feel great. Marcin is not the kind of coach who’s going to praise for 1kg of weight lost, he is demanding. He expects the athletes to work hard and stick to the diet plan to achieve the goals and the best results in the fitness competitions. Thank you Marcin for praise and support as well as reprimand in the moments of weakness.

Barbara Szełemej

Marcin you are the best. Thank you very much that I could be your client, you always knew how to motivate and support me in the worst moments.

Łukasz Kwiatkowski

Cooperation with Marcin Pulik looks promising as per attached picture…his knowledge and experience allow me to achieve my goals and I am looking optimistically into the future. Thank you coach

Łukasz Szostek

I’m working with Marcin for a few months already. He has got a huge knowledge and experience in his profession. By training on my own for two years I did not achieve even part of what I did with him in such a short time. Highly recommended.

Piotr Urban

Marcin as a personal trainer works 100%. The way he works with each person is very individual what distinguishes him strongly from the other trainers. I do not have to worry about diet and training plan or supplementation, Marcin deals with all of those and I’m only follow his instructions. I did a great transformation of my physique, when by the way I have jumped onto the bodybuilding stage and won several medals. That was a massive success for me and for him as well. Recommended 100%.

Sebastian Głyda

I’ve been struggled to lose my weight for the last 15 years… Finally, luckily for me I met Marcin, amazing guy with the huge knowledge about diet, nutrition and workout. I have lost almost 35kg during our cooperation. It’s not about just losing weight… Marcin changed my whole lifestyle. Thank you soooo much 💪

Ania Golebiowska

I am a bikini fitness athlete, through my cooperation with incompetent coach I have never achieved my dream figure and sports results, I also felt weak and bad. I met Marcin and started to work with him in May 2018. During the 5 months of cooperation my physique changed radically, I won the first place along with the British Champion title and became an international scale athlete. Marcin not only can lead the athlete in terms of diet and training, he also has a knowledge and experience of posing and stage preparation which is a huge part of the final success. I have achieved my dream figure and great mood returned. Thank you for everything and we are keep going!